This command adds files to existing documents in a library.


For instance imagine you have two PDF files, a.pdf and b.pdf that you want to add to a document that matches with the query string “einstein photon definition”. Then you would use

papis addto 'einstein photon definition' -f a.pdf -f b.pdf

where the -f flag needs to be repeated for every file that is added. Remote files can be similarly added using

papis addto 'einstein photon definition' -u ''

where the link needs to be to the actual remote PDF file.

Command-line Interface

Add files to an existing document

papis addto [OPTIONS] [QUERY]


-h, --help

Show this message and exit.

--git, --no-git

Add and commit files

--sort <FIELD>

Sort documents with respect to the FIELD


Reverse sort order

-f, --files <files>

File fullpaths to documents

-u, --urls <urls>

URLs to documents

--file-name <file_name>

File name for the document (papis format)

Instead of copying the file to the library, create a link to its original location

--doc-folder <doc_folder>

Document folder on which to apply action



Optional argument