The export command is useful to work with other programs by exporting to other formats (such as BibTeX).


Some examples of its usage are:

  • Export one of the documents matching the author with Einstein to BibTeX

papis export --format bibtex 'author : einstein'

or export all of them

papis export --format bibtex --all 'author : einstein'
  • Export all documents to BibTeX and save them into a lib.bib file

papis export --all --format bibtex --out lib.bib
  • Export a folder of one of the documents matching the word krebs into a folder named interesting-document

  papis export --folder --out interesting-document krebs

this will create the folder ``interesting-document`` containing the
``info.yaml`` file and the linked documents.


Every document exported also comes with the key _papis_local_folder associated that points to the full local folder path where the document is stored in the file system. This is done for the convenience of third party apps.

Command-line Interface

Export a document from a given library

papis export [OPTIONS] [QUERY]


-h, --help

Show this message and exit.

--doc-folder <doc_folder>

Document folder on which to apply action

--sort <FIELD>

Sort documents with respect to the FIELD


Reverse sort order

-a, --all

Apply action to all matching documents


Export document folder to share

-o, --out <out>

Outfile or outdir

-f, --format <fmt>

Format for the document


bibtex | json | typst | yaml



Optional argument