This command is useful if your library is itself a git repository. You can use this command to issue git commands in your library repository without having to change your current directory.


  • Check the status of the library repository:

papis git status
  • Commit all changes:

papis git commit -a

Command-line Interface

Run git command in a library or document folder

papis git [OPTIONS] <COMMANDS>


-h, --help

Show this message and exit.

-p, --pick <QUERY>

Give a query to pick a document to run the command in its folder

--sort <FIELD>

Sort documents with respect to the FIELD


Reverse sort order

--doc-folder <doc_folder>

Document folder on which to apply action

-a, --all

Apply action to all matching documents

--prefix <PREFIX>

Prefix shell commands by a prefix command



Optional argument(s)