This command is used to list items in a library.


  • List all files associated will all documents in the library:

    papis list --all --file
  • List the year and title of all documents with some custom formatting:

    papis list --all --format '{doc[year]} {doc[title]}'
  • List all documents according to the bibitem formatting (stored in a template file bibitem.template):

    papis list --all --template bibitem.template
  • For scripting, printing the id of a series of documents is valuable in order to further use the id in other scripts.

    papis_id=$(papis list --id einstein)
    papis open papis_id:${papis_id}
    papis edit papis_id:${papis_id}
    # etc.
  • List various plugins and extensions that Papis sees

    papis list --libraries
    papis list --importers
    papis list --exporters
    papis list --doctors

Command-line Interface

List document metadata

papis list [OPTIONS] [QUERY]


-h, --help

Show this message and exit.

-i, --info

Show the info file for each document


Show the papis id for each document

-f, --file

Show the files for each document

-d, --dir

Show the folder name containing each document

-n, --notes

Show notes files for each document

--format <show_format>

Show documents using a custom format, e.g. ‘{doc[year]} {doc[title]}


List configuration paths used by papis


List defined libraries


List available exporters


List available explorers


List available importers


List available downloaders


List available pickers


List available doctor checks

--template <template>

Template file containing a papis format to list documents


Do not show short descriptions for plugins (exporters, etc.)

-a, --all

Apply action to all matching documents

--sort <FIELD>

Sort documents with respect to the FIELD


Reverse sort order

--doc-folder <doc_folder>

Document folder on which to apply action



Optional argument