This command allows the user to interact with the papis cache or papis database.

To clear the cache (remove it from the filesystem), you can run the following command

papis cache clear

This command is also useful for plugin developers. Let us suppose that you are editing the YAML file of a document at path /path/to/info.yaml. If you are editing this file without the machinery of papis you might want to make papis be aware of this change by using the update subcommand. You might do

papis cache update --doc-folder /path/to

or maybe by query

papis cache update query-matching-document

Furthermore, a noteworthy subcommand is update-newer, which updates the cache for those documents whose info file is newer than the cache itself. This subcommand has the same interface as most papis commands, so that if you want to check all documents you have to input

papis cache update-newer --all

This command is much faster than rebuilding the cache from scratch. You can therefore run this command once in a while in order to update the cache for those documents that have been synchronized by the means of synchronization that you are using, for instance using git, Syncthing, Dropbox, etc.